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Electrical Reports








There are many different reasons for commissioning an Electrical Survey. If you are considering the purchase of a property which has old wiring you might want some expert advice as to whether the building needs a complete rewire or only a minor updating.  In the case of very old wiring our it maybe advised a full rewire and therefore a thorough program of electrical testing throughout the property would probably not be very beneficial.  There is no point in testing something that you are going to replace.  Instead the report is more likely to just concentrate on estimating the possible costs to rewire.

If you are purchasing a more modern property then you might require a full inspection with testing to confirm that everything is ok. In the past your requirement would have been for a Periodic Inspection Report (PIR) but this report format has been superseded and so you will probably now require an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR).

If you are a landlord then you may require testing of your property and an Electricians Report to meet legislative requirements.

Should remedial work be required to upgrade an Electrical Installation, and make it compliant with modern standards, We will be able to help you with this.

It is important that electrical installation work is carried out only by persons who are competent.  Such persons are those that have the necessary knowledge, skill and experience to enable them to avoid dangers to themselves and others that electricity can create.  It is strongly recommended that you use an Electrician who is registered with one of the government-approved schemes to carry out any electric installation work that you need doing. With Nupower Electrical Services being a stroma approved contractor, we are able to offer this service.